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Акция действует с 15 августа по 1 сентября, при покупке 5 семян - бонусом идет еще пять семян, закажешь 10 получишь 20 орехов по цене 10.

Акция действует с 15 августа по 1 сентября, при покупке 5 семян - бонусом идет еще пять семян, закажешь 10 получишь 20 орехов по цене 10.

  1. Russian Anonimous Market Shops

    1. RAMS - Russian Anonymous Market Shops

      Торговая площадка не имеющая аналогов в Мире

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  2. Cooperation and wholesale

    1. Dropshipping

      Dropshipping is not just a mutually beneficial cooperation scheme, but also a surprisingly simple way to make good money without investing. Perhaps you are the owner of the selling site and do not mind placing the products of your partners on its pages. For each order, issued goods, you will receive a good percentage of its value (40%). You can learn more about cooperation under the dropshipping scheme in this section. Today it is the most profitable and not costly way to get a good profit.

    2. Cannabis seeds at wholesale prices

      Would you like to buy elite hemp seeds at wholesale prices? Then you are in the right section. The GangaSeedsGroup team offers quality seed from famous seedbanks and private breeders at wholesale prices. In our assortment, hemp seeds from BangSeeds, GanjaSeeds, Ganja Vip and GanjaLiveSeeds, as well as nuts from well-known breeders from Spain, the USA, Canada and the Netherlands. All batches of seeds have been repeatedly tested in open ground and home greenhouse, they are stored in a specially designated room at optimal humidity, temperature and have a high percentage of germination (99%). We provide the opportunity to order seeds from us in bulk in company packaging, as well as in bulk. The terms of cooperation can be found in the topics of this section.м

    3. Cooperation

      In this section, we have described in detail the types of possible cooperation. Everyone can find exactly those conditions that are suitable only for him. If you are the owner of a site or an online store, then you may be interested in direct advertising or dropshipping. If you are an enthusiast who is ready to make good money with a team of professionals, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the conditions of the referral system or the wholesale purchase of hemp seeds and spores of psilocybin mushrooms. The conditions are so tempting that a simple mathematical calculation will show you a profit of more than 300%. You will not meet such anywhere. Read more about cooperation in the topics of this section.

    4. Spore prints at wholesale prices

      In this section, we offer spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at wholesale prices. The GanjaSeedsGroup team works closely with an independent coalition of ethnic botanists from around the world, as well as with the disputed bank Gribochek. In our assortment of rare strains of hallucinogenic mushrooms from Thailand, Mexico, Canada, USA, Brazil and other exotic countries. The strains are adapted for growing at home, and some even in open ground. Only here you can buy strains of magic mushrooms in company packaging at wholesale prices. If you are the owner of the site and want to present the original product to the customers in the designer packaging of your store, then we can offer spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms only in a sterile ziplock. Read more about cooperation in this section.

  3. Выращивание конопли


      This section is intended for quick resolution of problems encountered when growing cannabis. Here you can ask a question on any topic: plant diseases, sex determination, fertilizers, soil acidity reduction, as well as equipment and components of the grow box. Feel free to post topics and ask questions. Our resource is visited by experienced gardeners and ethnobotanists, as well as growers who may have already encountered similar problems. Create a topic and the answer will not be long in coming. Only mutual support will help to quickly resolve an incomprehensible situation.

    2. Newbie Questions

      This section is dedicated to beginner growers. Here you can ask questions on any topic, from searching for hemp seeds of suitable hybrids to building a grow room with your own hands. We have collected and placed cheat sheets, manuals and manuals for "young nerds", because growing hemp is not always an easy task, especially for enthusiasts who do not have a theoretical base. The section addresses the issues of plant hermaphrodism, sex determination, proper soaking and germination of seeds, fertilizers, the basics of organizing ventilation and the rules for making complex nutrient substrates. Here you will find comprehensive answers on lighting and watering, learn how not to "fall in love" with the plant in the first grow, you can chat with more experienced growers who will not refuse advice and support.

    3. Growing

      Growing hemp is an entertaining process that can go smoothly and easily with the proper awareness of the grower. In the process of cultivation, some difficulties threatening the future harvest are not excluded. This section is devoted to various issues that arise before the grower in the growing process. Among the topics you can find informative articles by experienced gardeners, as well as study the mistakes of beginning growers and prevent them. Many utilities in one section. If you have a seemingly insoluble situation, then feel free to create a theme. The answer is not long in coming.

    4. Seed germination

      This section of our forum is devoted to the preparation of seed before planting in a nutrient substrate. Germination of cannabis seeds is a crucial stage of cultivation, often causing difficulties for a beginner grower. This section contains the most effective techniques and methods of seed germination, gives detailed instructions, following which the gardener will be able to germinate the purchased "nuts" without problems and is guaranteed to receive viable seedlings.

    5. Outdoor

      Growing cannabis in open ground may seem like a simple and intricate activity. The plant receives a sufficient amount of light from the sun, a drizzling rain once a week irrigates the dried up soil, and the wind gusts the leaves in gusts. And it seems that what could be wrong? These questions are always asked by novice gardeners. However, outdoor cultivation is fraught with quite a few pitfalls, ranging from all kinds of pests that can destroy the entire crop, to drought and mold. Having thoroughly prepared, the grower will really have the chance to take a large crop of cones, because on the street the plants demonstrate their full potential, often exceeding the sizes declared by the seedbank on the package. This section we devoted to the cultivation of cannabis in the open field. All questions of fans of hidden street groves are posted here.

    6. Indoor

      This section has a lot of useful information for connoisseurs of home groves. Growing cannabis using the indoor method requires a large amount of theoretical knowledge from the grower, as well as some financial costs associated with acquiring the proper equipment: grow box, lighting, ventilation, a charcoal filter, measuring instruments, as well as a nutrient substrate necessary for the proper growth of cannabis. Here visitors are presented with fertilizer tables, various techniques aimed at a significant increase in productivity and the rational use of the area for cultivation. Also in the section there is a lot of useful information on the cultivation of autoflowering strain, comprehensive answers are given on the topic of lighting and the rules for preparing a nutritional basis.

    7. Hydroponics

      Growing cannabis in a hydroponic plant is of great interest to both beginner gardeners and experienced growers. Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants without soil. The system is designed in such a way that all the elements necessary for life are supplied to plants directly to the roots through a nutrient solution. In this section, we consider all the difficulties of hydroponic cultivation of hemp. Forum visitors will be able to get acquainted with the best hydroponic plants, study or download the table of solutions, find out why plants grown by this method build up a large cone mass compared to cultivation in the soil, how to change the solution and much more.

    8. Fertilizers, growth stimulants and all about them

      Fertilizers for hemp are a great opportunity to increase cannabis productivity, as well as help plants reach their full potential. Unfortunately, most novice growers do not follow the instructions and advice of experienced gardeners and often “fall in love” with the plant until they die. In this topic, we will consider the best stimulants, organic fertilizing and fertilizers that plants need during the life cycle. The visitors of the forum are presented with tables and fertilizer application rules, as well as precautionary measures and instructions for immediate action in case of plant overfeeding.

    9. Poisons against plant pests, fungicides - agents against fungal infections

      This topic is devoted to all kinds of pests that can nullify all the efforts of the grower and ruin the entire crop. Here are articles on the immediate response to the attack of harmful insects, as well as effective poisons and traditional explosive mixtures that will help you quickly and without harm to plants expel unwanted guests from a home boxing or street plantation. More terrible than insects can only be an epidemic of mold. It spreads very quickly and is able to destroy all inflorescences. The only way to combat mold are fungicides - anti-fungal agents.

    10. Plant problems

      The cultivation of cannabis in open ground and in a home greenhouse can be associated with many unpredictable factors that adversely affect plant health. Excessive watering, high acidity of the soil, raids by harmful insects, lack of light or high humidity are just a small list of factors that can ruin a crop. In this section, we consider the most common plant problems and find suitable solutions to solve them.

    11. Cannabis FAQ

      Here are collected the most common questions of gardeners regarding the cultivation of hemp, equipping grow boxes, proper lighting, land, hydroponics, seed germination and much more. Before creating a new topic in this section of the forum, we urge you to make sure that there is none. The cultivation of cannabis is a multifaceted process and even experienced gardeners with a rich theoretical base and experience can not always solve the problem with the plant, so do not be shy. Create topics, ask and chat with like-minded people.

  4. Reports forum

    1. GROW Master! Лучшие репорты клуба

      Лучшие репорты GanjaLive по выращиванию каннабиса, марихуаны, конопли. Indoor, Outdoor, Grow compact

    2. 46,902
    3. Репорты на открытом воздухе

      Outdoor. Культивирование марихуаны на улице или в теплице, Greenhouse

    4. Hydroponics reports

      Глубоководная культура. Периодическое затопление. Капельный полив. Аэропоника. DWC

    5. Репорты в мини боксах

      Grow Compact. Mini Box. Stels

    6. Гроурепорты на грунте

      Гроурепорты на грунте

    7. Гроу репорты на органике

      Гроу репорты на органике

    8. Гроурепорты "Автоцветущих" растений

      Гроурепорты "Автоцветущих" растений

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    10. Гроурепорты новичков

      Гроурепорты новичков

    11. Мастерская боксов

      Фотоотчеты о сборке ваших Growbox

    12. Другие репорты

      Другие репорты, которые не попадают в существующие категории

    13. Видео репорты

      Видео репорты. Видео участников GanjaLive о выращивании конопли

  5. Выращивание грибов

    1. Mushroom cultivation FAQ & Tek`s

      This section of the forum is devoted directly to issues related to the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms. Each mycologist on the path to comprehending the art of growing magical conductors may encounter certain difficulties: not overgrowing mycelium, fungal abortions, undesirable mold outbreaks and other nuances that threaten the future harvest. Guru-mycologists will be happy to answer all these questions, give practical advice and help reverse the unwanted processes. Here you will also learn how to dry and store mushrooms without losing quality, learn about all types of substrate infection and methods of counteraction, about the necessary tools for ethnobotany, the importance of sterilization, recipes for preparing mushroom broths, various types of nutrient substrate, ways to increase productivity and much more. Feel free to create topics and ask questions, because the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is a scrupulous and experienced professional advice will never be superfluous.

    2. Mushroom reports

      The cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is a real art that anyone can comprehend. This section of our forum is dedicated to the reports of novice growers and experienced ethnobotanists who comprehended the secret of magic mushrooms. Here you can familiarize yourself with the application of various cultivation techniques, learn about the peculiarities of growing various strain of magic mushrooms and find key information that will help you on the thorny path of understanding the mushroom kingdom. Section guru - experienced mycologists and travelers around the world of the Spirit will be happy to share their experience, talk about the rules for using magic guides and safety procedures during the trip. One scientist who decided to try magic mushrooms, after returning, said: "The person who at least once tried psilocybin mushrooms remains forever the person who tried mushrooms." In this section you can find something that can really change your life for the better.

    3. Mushroom cultivation

      This section is devoted to the classic and innovative methods of growing hallucinogenic mushrooms, as well as issues arising in the process of cultivation. Forum participants can get acquainted with the unique Monotube technique, as well as learn how to prevent infection of the substrate and what to do in case of mold. Growing hallucinogenic mushrooms is an interesting and exciting process that requires a sufficient theoretical basis from the mycologist, as well as certain conditions. You can learn more about this in this section.

    4. Mushroom Spore Shops

      In this section, participants and guests of the forum will find out where to order spore prints of hallucinogenic mushrooms on the Internet. The most famous stores selling spore material are collected in one section. Growing psilocybin mushrooms is an extremely fascinating and sometimes difficult task, requiring a good theoretical knowledge base from the grower. The cultivation process begins with the selection of a suitable strain and ordering a print. In order not to be disappointed in our first grove, we recommend that you buy spore material only from trusted suppliers.

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  6. Tehnical row

    1. Lamps and lighting

      Все о освещении! Системы освещение гроубоксов для марихуаны и растений, лампа ДНАТ, освещение гроубокса LED или светодиодами, требуемый спектр длины волны освещения.

    2. Odor / Filters / Ventilation

      Устранение неприятных запахов

    3. Grourumy and grouboksy

      Привнести свои инновации и полезную информацию в любом виде!

    4. 1
    5. Оборудование и девайсы

      Оборудование: освещение, вентиляция и т.д.

    6. 45
  7. Garden

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    2. 2
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  8. Plants Entheogens

    1. Растения Энтеогены. Литература, способы и приемы культивирования

      Статьи, книги о энтеогенах и лечебных травах

    2. Репорты по выращиванию растений

      Репорты о выращивании энтеогенов и лекарственных растений

    3. Энтеогены и Грибы. Общая занимательная информация

      Все об энтеогенах и грибах: статьи, заметки, информация, чтиво

  9. Конкурсы

    1. 2019 contests

      In this section you can find the current and completed contests of our forum. Every month we organize various promotions, contests, quizzes, prize draws, promotions and other entertainment events. A beautiful half of our guests and visitors can take part in the famous “nude” contest, and experienced gardeners have the opportunity to compete for the GanjaLive Indore and Outdor Cup. The winners of the events will receive memorable prizes, cash gifts, as well as elite hemp seeds from famous seedbanks, so a hobby like growing hemp can bring growers not only a chic crop of cones, but also fame on our resource.

    2. 2018 contests

      This section contains photo contests and competitive events of the past year. Visitors can see how heated the struggle for the valuable prizes of our sponsors in 2018 was. The male half will undoubtedly appreciate the “nude” contest, and experienced gardeners and novice botanists can admire the results of the GanjaLive Cup, as well as find out what prizes were won in the famous “Ganja Christmas Tree” contest. Enjoy the entertaining “Hand may”, the photo contest “Ganja and Pets”, “Unique Devices”, “Incredible Stories” and much more. Our forum is not just a place where you can chat with like-minded people, we are doing everything possible to dilute it with exciting promotions and creative events.

    3. Archive (2009-2017)

      Dear friends, our forum has been around for 10 years. All this time we tried to make your stay on it as entertaining and useful as possible. Every month we held various promotions, arranged thematic contests and entertainment events. Every year, competitive contests of the Cannabis Cup GanjaLive were organized, where growers fought in fair fight for decent rewards, demonstrating their skills in cultivating cannabis. Independent judges were all participants of the forum, casting their votes to favorite reports or successful photos of their favorite plant. We carefully store in the archive the results of all the events of the past years. Cannabis cultivation, as an art, deserves its history, and with your help we create it, albeit not on such a global scale as we would like.

    4. Feedback

      We created this section specifically to discuss individual issues related to the work of the forum and its moderation. Here the questions of the rules for publishing photos and video reports, the subtleties of editing comments and messages are raised, the main rules of the forum are posted, the participants of the forum are asked about the need and feasibility of various events, contests, promotions and other creative undertakings. You can create a topic and leave the administration of the forum your wish or recommendation for its improvement, your wishes or offer your services. We are always glad to initiative guests and users and we always support them. Perhaps you are familiar with video editing or you can write beautiful thematic texts. Knock on the administration and join our team. Together we will make the forum the best thematic platform for growers and people interested in hemp.

  10. Leisure

    1. Ja events

      Фестивали и прочие мероприятия по Jah теме.

    2. Общий

      Общий раздел: Досуг на форуме по выращиванию и уходу за марихуаной и каннабисом - GanjaLive.org

    3. news

      The latest news from the cannabis industry and the legalization of medical marijuana. Here, forum participants share up-to-date information on new scientific discoveries related to cannabis, as well as on investments in shares of cannabis companies. Here you will learn about past and upcoming events (marches) in support of the legalization of marijuana, as well as about countries where authorities are quite normal in using plants.

    4. Marijuana and Health

      This section discusses the treatment of various diseases and international medical experience in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Cannabis is a storehouse of rare chemical compounds of value, not only for lovers to relax, but also for world medicine in general. Even in ancient China, hemp infusions and extracts were used to treat epilepsy, prevent cancer, and also as a panacea for acute pain and insomnia. Hemp cultivation has been encouraged for many centuries, but the political games of forces interested in decriminalizing marijuana have made the harmless plant a "potent narcotic substance," which it has never been. In the 40s of the last century, marijuana was excluded from all medical directories, but nowadays, the legalization of marijuana has gained worldwide proportions. Not far off is the time when extracts of dried inflorescences can be purchased at each pharmacy. Millions of patients will receive a harmless and potent medicine.

    5. Marijuana and cooking

      Welcome to our "kitchen". This section of the forum focuses on cannabis-based foods. Here we post recipes for dishes using hemp oil, and also reveal the culinary secrets of cannabis cuisine. Sweet tooths will find here many ways to cook their favorite sweets, which, in addition to taste, will delight in an unusual effect. Also, the section contains notes on the historical use of hemp seeds in cooking, discloses their useful properties and recipes for all kinds of dishes based on them. You will learn how to combine marijuana with coffee or how to make an alcoholic beverage using dried inflorescences, as well as get acquainted with recipes for weight loss.

    6. Rastafari

      Rastamans, she is Rastafarians - adherents of one religious movement, which does not require a certain participation in any events, sacraments and services. The basis of this trend is deep compassion and love for one's neighbor. The integral attributes of a rastaman are released dreadlocks, and sometimes the use of cannabis. Some communities in Jamaica who practice this religion do not use marijuana, so it’s also not true to say that all Rastamans smoke cannabis, as to say that all Orthodox Christians attend church weekly. At the heart of the Rastafarian movement is also a rejection of the Western lifestyle. They do not recognize their values and consider them detrimental to humans. The Western way of life is called by the members of religion as "Babylon" and it is expressed in the way of thinking - greed, selfishness of excessive rationality, attachment to material values, careerism and other qualities inherent in Western people. By the end of the 90s of the last century, there were more than one million rastafari in the world. The use of cannabis by members of the movement makes it possible to clear the mind of an unnecessary understanding of the world and, according to Rastafari, has a fruitful effect on human health. Hemp cultivation in Jamaica and some parts of Africa is commonplace, especially in Rastafarian communities, although not all.

    7. Hemp derivatives

      We devoted this section of the forum to cannabis derivatives, and also posted recipes for its almost non-waste use. Forum guests are presented with articles revealing the secrets of making hash in various ways and techniques. We also posted notes on the historical use of hash, hemp milk, as a ceremonial drink, porridge from wild cannabis and much more. Rick Simson's famous recipe for making canna butter can also be found in this section. A sophisticated guest will be able to find the recipe for the manufacture of the purest extract called "Amber", as well as the method of its use.

    8. Smoking devices

      All about smoking devices, bongs, pipes, as well as how to make artisan express devices for smoking cannabis. Here, the inventive guests of our forum share the secrets of twisting joites, making pipes and disposable "geese" for smoking from improvised materials. This section contains articles on the most unusual ways of smoking marijuana through an apple, watermelon, melon, as well as various attributes for chopping cones and the rules for choosing a quality bong and vaporizer. Special attention should be paid to articles about cleaning devices and smoking hash through a hookah.

    9. Law

      Here we have collected articles directly or indirectly relating to marijuana legislation, as well as notes on upcoming changes in the laws of those countries where cannabis decriminalization has already begun. We also placed in this section the advice of an experienced lawyer in cases related to marijuana, notes on online safety and many other usefulnesses.

    10. Travels

      In this section of our forum, guests and registered users share information about the best seasons and countries where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Since our forum is dedicated to cannabis, and most visitors have long made the cultivation of hemp their favorite hobby, here you can also find articles and notes about holidays in countries where cannabis is partially or fully legalized. If you have an interesting story or want to share information about an unforgettable vacation, then do not be shy, create a theme and communicate with like-minded people.

    11. About life

      The forum participants brought a little philosophy, life wisdom to this section, and also posted various stories by spiritual teachers and masters of life.

    12. Movies / Music / Literature

      This section of our forum is dedicated to films, educational literature and music that directly or indirectly affects cannabis culture. Growing hemp as a business or hobby has long been a topic for great scenarios. Music lovers will be able to find foreign and domestic reggae hits in this section, and moviegoers will get acquainted with fascinating comedies and dramas dedicated to the life of lovers of grass and magic mushrooms. Special attention deserves literature. Forum users post here books and articles on cannabis cultivation techniques, as well as on the cultivation of hallucinogenic mushrooms and the rules for their use. The famous "Tibetan Book of the Dead" will devote a novice ethnobotanist to the basics of psychedelic travel, and the legendary "Bible of the Grover" will open eyes to the skill of growing hemp.

    13. Humor

      This section is about funny stories and funny stories. Forum users here create various topics that will undoubtedly smile at you. The theme of our resource is the cultivation of cannabis, and, as you know, its use can not only cause unbridled laughter, but also be a source of inspiration for finding adventure. Share your stories and funny experiences, chat with like-minded people and don't forget to comment on the stories of others. Humor and hemp are very close friends, and they also say that laughter prolongs life, so do not deny yourself this.

    14. Trip

      We devoted this section, perhaps, to the most interesting part of the consequences of the use of cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Here, guests of the forum will be able to find out into what unexplored distances of parallel galaxies the consciousness of a traveler who decided to drink a decoction of psilocybin mushrooms can carry away, as well as how different hemp varieties act on different people. Here we also share our impressions of the use of entheogens: fly agaric, Ipomoea sky blue, perfume vine, mescaline cacti and other substances that can expand consciousness. Often, stories (trips) are incredible, in them a person learns and experiences from personal experience deep truths and wisdom, the secrets of the universe are revealed to him, and sometimes, a regressive journey into his own past becomes accessible to some. If you have something to tell, then you are welcome.

    15. Ladies section

      We devoted this section to the beautiful half of the participants in our forum. Here you will find a few ladies' secrets, philosophy and female humor, and, of course, a lot of useful information regarding the topics of our forum. Among our participants there are many talented growers, so themes about the cultivation of cannabis, the tricks of arranging grow boxes and much more are not ruled out.

    16. OFF-top. Free discussion of any topics.

      In this section you can find information, literally, about everything. Here you can post informative articles, music, interesting literature, chat about pressing issues or share experience in growing cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. There are also topics affecting western stars of show business who have made hemp cultivation not only their hobby, but also a highly profitable business. Communicate with like-minded people, ask questions, comment, have fun. You can talk about anything here.

    17. Locations

      Here we are talking about the places where cannabis grows, about countries where it is partially decriminalized or fully legalized. Cannabis is spread all over the world: from hot equatorial countries to cool Siberian regions. This section also welcomes topics related to commercial marijuana plantations, news about farmers cultivating it and the most favorable countries for introducing this particular business.

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  11. Flea market. Hardware Stores

    1. Ganja Bay People's Marketplace   (224 visits to this link)

      Ganja Bay People's Marketplace is a great opportunity to buy and sell products related to the topics of our forum. Beginners and experienced breeders can put their cannabis seeds up for sale here. Also on our site you can purchase equipment designed for growing cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, the spores of which can also be found in the appropriate section. In addition to trading on the trading platform, you can read the latest news about marijuana, its legalization and decriminalization in some countries of the world. Trading is easy, and buying is even easier.


    2. Administration of the People Market

      In this section you have placed the contacts of the administration of the national trading platform Ganja Bay. Forum participants can ask their questions, post suggestions for improving the site, as well as leave their feedback on its work.

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    3. Семена конопли и других растений

      Продажа/покупка семян марихуаны, энтеогенов и лекарственных растений

    4. Mushroom spores

      Growing psilocybin mushrooms sooner or later ends with the production of spore prints. At first, the ethnobotanist provides himself with spore material, but there comes a time when the surplus needs to be put somewhere. Especially for such mycologists, we have created this section, where they can freely realize spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at free prices. You can also make self-promotion here by distributing spore material for reporting.

    5. Lighting

      Growing cannabis at home requires certain equipment, including high-quality lighting. This section is devoted to the purchase and sale of lighting equipment, as well as various components: reflectors, kultubov, LED lamps, Dnat lamps, starting devices, ESL, etc. Before creating a topic, be sure to read the rules of trade.

    6. Ventilation and Filter

      This section contains the announcement of the forum participants about the purchase and sale of ventilation. The cultivation of cannabis provides for a constant flow of air to plants, so you can not do without appropriate equipment. Also in the section you can find fans, new and used, carbon filters for eliminating odors, coal for filling them, as well as empty housings.

    7. Measuring technique

      Here you can find announcements about buying and selling measuring equipment: PH and TDS meters, timers and microscopes. The cultivation of cannabis is a fascinating process and, sometimes, the grower needs to know, and sometimes, it is necessary to control the acidity of the soil, humidity and temperature. The life of the plant, as well as the amount of the crop, can depend on these factors. Before creating a topic, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the trading rules in this section.

    8. Boxes, Groutents, Tents, Stealth

      Here are the ads for buying and selling growboxes. Among the topics you can find not only offers for the sale of factory groutents, but also tents made by the forum participants. It can be beautiful cabinets equipped with all the necessary equipment for growing cannabis, stealth boxes assembled from system units and designed for hidden cultivation and much more. Among the ads there are offers for the sale of fabric pots, as well as attractive topics about the exchange. Before posting a topic, be sure to read the rules.

    9. Bongs, tubes, vaporizers, hookahs

      The use of cannabis is an exceptional ceremony that can deliver aesthetic pleasure to the Rastafarian. To make smoking a quality product a real pleasure, many prefer to use glass bongs, pipes, and other devices. This section of the forum is devoted to the sale and purchase of vaporizers, hookahs, copyright pipes and other devices. Before creating a topic, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of the section.

    10. Fertilizers

      The cultivation of cannabis at home and in the open ground can be carried out, both with the use of fertilizing and without them. Most growers are inclined to believe that the addition of fertilizers allows you to get a big crop, however, growth stimulants, with illiterate use, can harm the plant. “Only the dosage distinguishes poison from the medicine” (Paracelsus). This section contains ads on the purchase and sale of fertilizers for cannabis. Here you can find both the famous brands of fertilizing and author's organic fertilizers.

    11. Miscellaneous and Handmade

      Here you can buy or sell everything that did not fall into other sections of the forum. The guests are presented with fabric breathable pots for growing plants, bags for cannabis extraction with ice, as well as other useful things that can be useful to the grower and not only. Handmade items deserve special attention.

    12. Free section

      In this section, participants in our forum distribute cannabis seeds for free, provide free advice to beginner gardeners, and donate various equipment for growing cannabis. Special attention should be paid to topics about the exchange of seeds. It is always a pleasure to exchange abundant seed material for another. Like-minded people should support each other.

    13. Exchange

      At our forum, participants have the opportunity to exchange cannabis seeds, spores of psilocybin mushrooms, sowing material of entheogens, as well as equipment for growing cannabis, knowledge, literature, films and all kinds of usefulness. Remember that the administration of the resource does not act as a guarantor of such transactions. Forum participants make all exchanges at their own risk.

    14. Search for equipment in your city

      We created this section specifically for mutual assistance between club members. It exchanges information about stores selling cannabis cultivation equipment in different cities. Among the topics you can find customer reviews of online resources, get acquainted with the work of stores, and choose for yourself a suitable supplier of seed material. Growing cannabis is a scrupulous process and, when choosing equipment, it is better to trust trusted stores and sites.

  12. GanjaSeeds Store

    1. GanjaSeeds (Ukraine)   (9,631 visits to this link)

      Branch of GanjaSeeds online store in Ukraine. By going to this section, you will automatically be redirected to the main page of the resource with a ten-year history. The assortment of the store will be able to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated gardeners. In the windows you can find hemp seeds of Spanish seedbanks, as well as elite nuts from the Netherlands, USA, Australia and Argentina.

    2. GanjaSeeds (Russia)   (721 visits to this link)

      By going to this section, you will find yourself on the main page of the GanjaSeeds online store (Russian branch). Warehouses located on the territory of the Russian Federation make it possible to ensure the fast delivery of elite hemp seeds throughout the country in various ways. Today GanjaSeeds is the largest store of high-quality seed material in the entire post-Soviet space.

    3. GanjaSeeds (Georgia).   (1,815 visits to this link)

      Recently, the GanjaSeeds branch began to operate in Georgia. Elite cannabis seeds of the highest quality have become available for residents of this warm country. The assortment of the store will pleasantly surprise not only beginner gardeners, but also sophisticated growers. The store contains hemp seeds from world famous seedbanks, as well as breeders from Spain, the Netherlands, USA, Australia and Kazakhstan. The seed material presented at the branch has a high germination rate (99%) and meets all international quality standards.

    4. ads

      This section of the forum contains ads from the administration of the online store GanjaSeeds. Here you can find out about the latest store news, promotions and discounts on goods. Enthusiasts who want to establish partnerships with a well-known store will be able to familiarize themselves with the terms of cooperation and join the team of a professional team aimed at the result.

    5. Range

      In this section you will find news about updating the assortment of the famous GanjaSeeds store. In the topics you can find out what new items appeared on the windows of the resource, as well as ask your questions. Connoisseurs of ethnobotany can follow the update of the spore print section of psilocybin mushrooms, as well as find out what spore material is available today.

    6. Assortment Questions

      In this section, forum participants can ask the GanjaSeeds store administration questions about the assortment, find out when the desired cannabis variety appears on the resource window, or find out the features of delivery to a particular region. Here you can leave applications for the desired hemp seeds and spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms.

    7. Questions about the work of the store, orders

      Here you are asked questions regarding the features of the GanjaSeeds online store. Forum participants can express gratitude to the resource or leave their wish to improve its work. It also raises issues of payment, delivery and feedback. Sometimes the store administration places open vacancies here. Interest in growing cannabis can reward you not only with an exciting hobby, but also with a team of professionals.

    8. GanjaSeeds Prize Competitions and Promotions

      Gentlemen, an online store selling elite hemp seeds monthly arranges discounts and new promotions for its range of products. In this section, we highlight the latest news about contests and bonus programs held by the store. It also raises issues of cooperation on the referral system. Following this section, you may be among the lucky ones to whom GanjaSeeds distributes hemp seeds for free.

    9. Quality control

      Gentlemen, the team of the GanjaSeeds online store guarantees customers the quality of the products offered. All hemp seeds have a high percentage of germination (99%), are stored in a specially designated room at the optimum temperature and humidity. Seeds meet all international quality standards. The administration of the store pays special attention to the wishes of customers and tries to prudently resolve any conflict that arises. If you have any suggestions for improving the work of the store or if there is any negative situation with the manager or online consultant, then please create a topic in this section and talk about the difficulties that have arisen.

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  13. GanjaLive Partners

    1. GanjaVIP

      GanjaVIP - is a famous seedbank specializing in the development of unique cannabis varieties based on the rare landraces of Indica and Sativa. The assortment of the seedbank includes autoflowering feminized and photoperiod feminized cannabis hybrids. All strains are named after the famous Marvel comic book superheroes. The qualities of the characters are surprisingly reflected in the appearance of the plants and their effect. Today, the seedbank team offers customers 15 varieties of cannabis, characterized by an unpretentious disposition, excellent flavoring qualities and high yield. Growing cannabis with seeds from Ganja VIP will be simple and troublesome.

    2. BangSeeds

      Cannabis seeds online store Bang Seeds is not just a trading platform selling elite nuts, but it is also a seedbank created by Kazakh growers. Legendary landraces hailing from the famous Chuy valley were involved in the development of hybrids that the seedbank offers. Growing cannabis from the proposed material will not cause difficulties even for beginner gardeners. All strains are characterized by high productivity, malleability and unpretentiousness to cultivation conditions. Today, autoflowering feminized strains and photoperiodized feminized hemp seeds are available to customers.

    3. Semochka

      Semochka - is an online store that offers customers elite cannabis seeds at affordable prices. Classic and new hybrids are presented on the shop windows, which are characterized by their unpretentiousness, high yield and unique flavoring qualities. The resource collaborates with the most well-known seed banks of Spain, the Netherlands, Avtosralia, as well as with private breeders. Seeds before placing on the display case undergoes multi-level quality control and is stored in appropriate conditions. Among the presented assortment there are real champions who are repeated winners of many competitions and festivals dedicated to the cannabis culture. The store offers various methods of payment for goods and delivery to anywhere in the world.
      Growing hemp is a scrupulous task that begins with the selection of seeds. At this stage, it is very important not to make a mistake and choose a good supplier. We recommend the Semochka store as a reseller that has earned the trust of thousands of growers.

    4. Errors-seeds

      Errors-seeds - an online store with a long history. The resource is famous for its available hemp seeds from various world seedbanks. The Errors-seeds assortment contains autoflowering, autoflowering feminized, photoperiod feminized and regular cannabis strains. Prompt delivery, affordable prices, convenient store interface and high quality seed are the main advantages of Errors-seeds. Over the years, the resource has been a partner of our forum, helping to organize entertaining contests and prize events. This section is devoted to issues related to the work of the store, its promotions, assortment updates, etc.
      Growing hemp at home and outdoors begins with choosing the right seed supplier. We recommend Errors-seeds as a reseller with a big name and quality nuts.

    5. GanjaBay

      This section is dedicated to our partner GanjaBay - a national trading platform where gardeners can sell and buy hemp seeds, grow boxes and their accessories, as well as lighting, spores of psilocybin mushrooms, devices and much more. The professional cultivation of cannabis or mushrooms sooner or later leads to the fact that the grower gets his own seed or spore material. At Ganja Bay, surplus can be sold at a free price. In this topic, you can ask questions, as well as publish suggestions for improving the work of the site, leave your wishes, thanks and feedback.

    6. GanjaExpert

      GanjaExpert is another partner in our forum on cannabis cultivation, entheogens and hallucinogenic mushrooms. The resource is dedicated to the loudest news about the world of marijuana. On its pages you will learn the latest discoveries of scientists in the study of hemp, as well as the latest festivals dedicated to cannabis culture. GanjaExpert does not bypass the cultivation of hemp. Some articles on the site are devoted to the problems of cultivation in Indore, outdoor and greenhouses, as well as the smell of flowering cannabis, pests and methods of dealing with them. The whole world is slowly but surely moving towards decriminalization and the full legalization of hemp, and GanjaExpert monitors the latest changes in the law and timely informs its readers and subscribers.

    7. Ganjateam (Georgia)

      Ganjateam (Georgia) is a blog dedicated to cannabis culture, the latest world news related to marijuana, as well as cannabis food, clothing and other know-how. Cannabis cultivation, as a separate topic, also comes up on the blog. Many useful articles on cultivation in Indore and on the street will help novice growers to understand the basics of groving and grow a great harvest. The blog is in Georgian. Some articles cover areas such as cultivation techniques aimed at increasing yields, varieties for Indore and the street, the use of fertilizers, the necessary lighting, ventilation, and much more.


    8. JahPub

      This section is dedicated to the partner of our forum, the first Ukrainian magazine dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis JahPub. On the glossy pages of the magazine, hemp cultivation in the open ground and in the home greenhouse are highlighted, cultivation techniques, reviews of classic varieties and new products that stirred the market are published. In the “hemp cuisine” section, sweet tooths will find many original recipes using dried inflorescences and cannabis extracts. For connoisseurs of female beauty, the section "Jah Girls" is dedicated, and it will be a pleasure for beginner growers to look at reports on growing cannabis.

  14. Энциклопедия конопли (полезные статьи о выращивании марихуаны и не только)

    1. Сорта конопли

      Справочник всех известных сортов марихуаны с подробным описанием

    2. Outdoor

      Культивирование конопли на открытом грунте / теплицах / оранжереях

    3. Гидропоника

      Глубоководные системы (DWC), Система мелководных культур (SWC), Системы периодического затопления (Ebb/Flow), Аэропонная система (aeroponic), Система Аберта

    4. Проблемы Растений

      У Вашего растения нездоровый вид? Вам Сюда! Фото / Чтиво / Таблицы

    5. Indoor

      Выращивание марихуаны в домашних условиях. Оборудование

    6. Удобрения

      Как правильно накормить Растишку! Приготовь компот сам!

    7. Семена

      Все о типах семян марихуаны

    8. Клонирование

      Все о тонкостях клонирование. Ревегетация

    9. Пол Растений

      Поздравляю, у Вас деффочка!

    10. Харвест

      Секреты сбора урожая, хранения и пролечки

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